Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Le diagnostic plomb

The mandatory diagnostics

The CREP (Constat des Risques d'Exposition au Plomb) is provided by the seller of a property for residential use built before January 1st 1949. It is carried out by a professional diagnostician.

When the report is positive, i.e. when it reveals lead concentrations higher than the accepted standards, it is valid for 1 year.

When the report establishes the absence of coatings containing lead, or their presence at concentrations lower than the legal standards, it is not necessary to repeat it as long as the standard does not change.

The CREP is inserted in the technical diagnosis file attached to the compromise (or the promise) and then to thedeed of sale.
It informs the buyer, who buys with full knowledge of the facts, and knows whether or not the property contains lead.

The diagnostician looks for the presence of lead in the coatings of the property, including the exterior coatings. For a condominium lot, the search only concerns the private part of the lot.
The CREP mentions the risks of exposure to lead, the precautions to take, and the work to be done, if lead has been detected( positiveCREP ).

Note: When the CREP is positive, the owner (therefore the buyer) is obliged to carry out the work to eliminate the risk of lead poisoning. This question must be considered in the compromise.